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Our Story


A & J Scents was created by Ashleigh Abrams.


Owner Ashleigh is a proud product of Pittsburgh Public Schools, graduating from Perry Traditional Academy (Perry High). Ashleigh continued on to attend Slippery Rock University Majoring in Criminal Justice. Ashleigh completed her studies at the University of Pittsburgh receiving her Bachelors of Arts degree in Social Work. After graduation Ashleigh went on to work many positions within the Social Work field. Ashleigh also had a passion for makeup and worked as a certified makeup artist in a local Sephora for 4 years, while also working full time as a social worker for the Intellectually Disabled Community. In early 2020 Ashleigh transitioned out of the social work field.


While the world around her was shifting to a work from home environment, and trying to create a

peaceful environment Ashleigh noticed personal candles appeared to be the outlet. Ashleigh decided to start out with soy wax candles, which included scents such as Lavender and Sandalwood. Wanting to set her business apart from the rest Ashleigh began to incorporate hand crafted novelty candles. Novelty Candles are candles that are designed to look and smell like a realistic object. 


It was out of her creative spirit that A & J Scents was created in the Spring of 2021.


A & J Scents Pgh, was named to represent siblings Ashleigh and Jonathan Abrams.

During the first year of business, it was soon learned that the “J” was for all of Ashleigh’s siblings.


If you shop with A & J Scents Pgh in person, 9 times out of 10, you have met both Ashleigh and Addie “Jo”. Addie and Ashleigh are college best friends. Addie and Ashleigh the tag team duo spent the summer of 2021 at any local pop up shop available to get the name and the brand A &. J Scents Pgh out there, and known across the local Pittsburgh area.

In late 2021, A & J Scents found a home inside "The Colab" store inside of Monroeville Mall.


Every candle, design, name and scent combo is created with love, happiness and joy from the “J” siblings “A” was blessed with.



A & J Scents PGH

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