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We get it, life can be overwhelming and at times it seems like you just need a break! Now, you can with A & J Scents’ Shea Butter Bath Bombs.


These bad boys are like mini spas for your skin! Indulge in pure shea butter conditioning goodness for long-lasting hydration and radiance. Plus, one of our favorite things about bath time? The intoxicating scents that make everything feel ten times better, so you can relax and enjoy your moment of me-time! With an eye-catching sprinkle of color to add to your serene mood, this is the perfect way to melt stress away and take some precious moments for yourself.


Scent: Cash Butta

Notes:  Vanilla, French Pear 


Each 5.5oz bomb contains baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, shea butter and olive oil for a nourishing treat for your skin. Other key ingredients alcohol, polysorbate 80, water and mica, titanium dioxide and iron oxide.


Using your A& J Pgh scents couldn't be simpler – simply break apart a bomb in your bath water to turn it into a luxurious spa treatment! For your safety upon exiting the tub please take caution; due to the oils in the bomb it may make your bath slippery.

Cash Butta Bath Bomb

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