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Meet Ashleigh Abrams:
Founder, Creator, and Maker.

Learn more about this company and our Owner, Ashleigh, in this blog post that explains how A&J Scents came into fruition. 


About the Brand

Small business, big energy.

A & J Scents is a Pittsburgh based home fragrance company. Specializing in making deliciously scented and looking food candles. 

As our candles and wax melts are hand poured, they are made in small batches.

This ensures all the wax is able to equally bind to both the dye and fragrance. 


Big shoutout to A & J Scents for this awesome candle!! She has a variety of candles like Mint Mojito, Mahogany Teakwood Rain, Black Amber and Lavender, and soo many more. Each candle is layered with perfectly blended scents


I love everything about these candles, from the variety of scents to the creativity that goes into the novelty candles. I could smell my cappuccino candle through the delivery box!

They do a great job of keeping new inventory, so there’s always something new to try. I’m definitely waiting for the subscription to drop.


Read more on our facebook page! Type in A.JScents

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